Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What More Can Red Do For you?

By NC Blue
DeLay. Republican. Indicted.
Frist. Republican. Investigation.
Ney. Republican. Resignation and investigations.
Abramoff. Republican. Guilty plea.
Scanlon. Republican. Guilty plea.
Reed. Republican. Investigation.
Norquist. Republican. Investigation.
Bush. Republican. Investigations. Impeachable.
Cheney. Republican. Investigations.
Libby. Republican. Indicted.
Safavian. Republican. Indicted.
Rove. Republican. Investigation.
Dole. Republican. Investigation.
Burr. Republican. Major embarrassment.
Taylor. Republican. Serial scandals.
Cunningham. Republican. Guilty plea AND resignation.

Unfunded education. Underfunded Medicare. Medicaid cuts. Student aid cuts. Rising poverty level. Lowering median income. Tax breaks for the rich. Corporate welfare. Soaring healthcare costs. Scandals. Moral cesspool. Ethical quagmire. Cronyism. Corruption. Attack-the-messenger campaigns. Unperformed Constitutional duties. Foundering freedoms. Disappearing democracy. Obscene oil company profits. Denial of science. Denial of responsibility. Illegal war. Torture. Secret prisons. Warrantless arrests. Lawlessness in government. Renditioning. Domestic spying. Loss of world respect. Florida vote in 2000. Ohio vote in 2004. Refusal of voting reform. Inactive ethics committees. Smear campaign tactics. De-regulated public safety. Taxpayer funded religion. Privatized drug program. Big business bias. Impotent courts. Ideological judges. Outsourced economy. 37 million impoverished Americans. 2005 New Orleans hurricane response. 2004 Florida hurricane response. Rubber stamp congress. Corporate personhood. More scandals. Class warfare?

Ask yourself. What more can Red do for you?


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